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Successful Ways of Using ICT in the Classroom


This youtube video* made me consider my schooling and how my teachers incorporated ICT in the classroom.  My Year 12 Geography teacher (let’s call him Mr F) came straight to mind.  I believe his incorporation of ICT into the classroom was successful in enhancing our learning.  Mr F regularly gave our class the option to seek information through ICT rather than more traditional methods (such as a textbook).  Resources (videos, powerpoints, websites, programs) for each unit of learning were available of the school’s student drive.  We were encouraged to take these resources home on a USB for later study.

Another popular ICT that Mr F utilised in our classroom was SeterraMap Quiz GameThis program was a game used to help us remember the location of countries and cities.  I found Seterra particularly useful for revision in the lead up to exams.

I still have some of the resources that Mr F gave my geography class and feel they will be useful in my future teaching.  Let me know if you would be interested in me posting these.

This video also highlights the benefits of using ICT for teacher and student feedback.  Emailing drafts to my teachers was a usual occurrence during my highschool years, especially through year 11 and 12.  By using email, I was able to get useful feedback on assignments from my teachers quickly.  In some instances, I was even provided with feedback on weekends!

All of these examples emphasise how ICT has changed how teachers and students communicate.  I feel this change will definitely benefit students.  Teaching and learning once took place mainly in the classroom.  With the infiltration of a wide range of devices into many different contexts, students will be able to learn in any context, any time.

*I found this video on someone else’s blog, but can not remember where it came from!  If you posted this or you know who did please let me know, so I can link to them in this blog.

Thanks for reading!  Em.



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