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Ideas For Next Prac

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After reading some of the other EDC3100 students’ posts, I have lots of resources and ideas to use for next prac.  Here are a couple of those:

Early Finishers

Dani from Dani Blogs ICT suggested creating crosswords as “a backup plan; whether it be in case students are finished early, problems with ICTs, students away if working in groups etc….I have looked at crosswords in particular and have found some excellent websites that allow you to create your own.”  I think this is an excellent idea for students who finish early.  It is an easy way for students to review and revise the content knowledge they have just learnt.

Noise Level

Amy from Amy’s ICT Learning Journey shared an application called Too Noisy.  My mentor always encouraged me to keep the class noise level to a minimum.  I admit that this is something I had difficulty with.  This application would be perfect to use when trying to keep noise level down.  It gives the students a visual of how quiet or loud they are and what an appropriate noise level is.



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