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Using Interactive Whiteboards As Projectors


I hope my fellow EDC3100 students had a wonderful prac. I was reading through some of the posts about prac and came across Melissa’s ‘Different ways to use an interactive whiteboard!‘.  Melissa mentioned that she, along with fellow EDC3100 student Bridget, used the interactive whiteboard in their prac classrooms primarily as a projector.  This is something that I also admit to.  However, the interactive whiteboard in my classroom was many years old and was previously used in the library. As a result, it was not configured properly and wasn’t relied on to work when touched.

The resource that Melissa and Bridget both link to in their blog posts ‘56 Ways to use the Interactive Whiteboard in the Class‘ offers some ways to use technology more creatively.  Some food for thought for next prac.

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3 thoughts on “Using Interactive Whiteboards As Projectors

  1. Hi, I hope you don’t mind but I am planning to use this resource in one of my newer posts as it has really, really helped me. I’ll make a link to your blog, obviously. Thank you so much for sharing this forward.

    Also, I am aware that this is an outdated post, but I still think this is very relevant for me.

  2. No worries, Caitlin! You’re more than welcome to share. EDC3100 is all about sharing resources with your peers 🙂 I still think this topic is relevant. Interactive whiteboards are still a relatively new technology in classrooms. We can all learn more about them!

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