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When you’re on prac, you usually have one night to prepare the next days’ lessons.  Let’s be honest, you’re not going to create everything from scratch.  You need some help with designing and implementing your lessons.  Your mentor can give you some guidance, but there are so many teachers around the world ready to help you on the internet!  As Cassandra writes in her post, “there are millions of sites that can assist a teacher in incorporating ICTs and other ideas into the classroom. One of the sites that helps me with ideas for lessons and classroom ideas is Pinterest…It is a cost free resource, with endless amounts of resources that other people have posted that they have used in their classrooms. While it may seem hard to think of how to incorporate ICTs into the classroom, there are many resources out there that will assist you.”

Pinterest is a great website, however Cassandra asks what are some other resources we use for teaching.  I find Teachers Pay Teachers and TES Australia are excellent websites which provide lesson plans, worksheets, games, presentations, workbooks, as well as general tips and tricks for the classroom.  I encourage you to check these websites out, as they have a plethora of brilliant resources!

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