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Students Can Be Your Teacher


I was reading Makayla‘s post about students knowing how to use “computer programs and the iPad better than (her).”  Makayla connected this to Jess‘ thoughts that, “there will be many students in (the) classroom that (will) have more experience and are better at using ICTs.”  Makayla and Jess both believe that they should “utilise these students to help within the classroom”.

I agree with both Makayla and Jess.  Throughout my pracs, I have been introduced to many ICTs by students.  Some students have a wealth of knowledge concerning technology.  As a teacher, it can help to learn from these students, so that you can include different ICTs in your classroom.  By doing this, more students can be exposed to a wider variety of technology.

One iPad app that I was introduced to during my last prac, was ‘Explain Everything‘.  This app allows students to explain what they learnt by typing text, recording audio, recording video, importing pictures, drawing pictures and capturing photographs.  This is an excellent app for students to display their knowledge in a way that supports their personal learning style.  As a bonus, the kids seemed to really enjoy using it as well!  If you’re interested in learning more about this app, watch the video below.

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