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How ICT has Changed Since the 90s

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In a previous post, I wrote about how technology does not stay current for long.  When reading Bec’s blog post, ‘Ellen teaches kids about ICT‘, I realised that technology has evolved so much in the time that I have been alive.

In Bec’s post, she writes about a video of Ellen Degenerous introducing young children to different types of older technology.  The kids are perplexed by some of the ICTs presented.  Bec implies that she is familiar with each device shown and asks, “Does that mean I’m now old?”

I can understand where Bec is coming from.  I find it really funny when my cousins’ young children do not know what a VHS is.  I grew up watching VHS’.  I grew up having to tape your favourite tv show on the VCR, if you weren’t going to be home to watch it.  I thought the video below relates well to this topic.  It really helps you put in perspective how much technology has changed since I was a young child in the 1990s.


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