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Postman’s Mythic Technology

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In EDC3100 we are studying Postman’s Five Things to Know About Technological Change.  For this post, I am choosing to focus on Postman’s fifth idea, technology tends to become mythic.   Postman explains this idea with an example.  “Cars, planes, TV, movies, newspapers–they have achieved mythic status because they are perceived as gifts of nature, not as artifacts produced in a specific political and historical context. When a technology become mythic, it is always dangerous because it is then accepted as it is, and is therefore not easily susceptible to modification or control.”

I’ve attempted to simplify Postman’s explanation with another example.  Do you ever say or hear someone say, “I’m going to tape the tv show and watch it later”?  Saying ‘tape’ stems from the day of cassettes, VHS’ and VCRs.  It has become synonymous with the word ‘record’.

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