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When I was in grade five, once a week we would bring out the tv and watch The Total News (TTN).  Now whether it was TTN or the similar Behind the News (BTN), it is likely you watched it in school too.  However, gone are the days of sitting down to watch a television on wheels.  ABC provides BTN online.  BTN covers news each week for primary school aged children.  Quizzes and polls associated with this weeks’ news are available.  Students can connect with other children throughout the world through the Rookie Reporter segment.  Resources such as discussion questions can be found in the teacher’s section of the BTN website.  I have used this website and its resources during one of my pracs and have found it very useful.  I like that it has a focus on the Australian context.

Aunty also provides more content for older students.  Documentaries and discussion programs such as Q&A can be found online.  Can I sneak SBS in here too?  Insight is also an excellent program which can cater for highschool students.  These television shows engage and encourage students to create their own opinions.  It is convenient that we can now access these resources online.

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