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Will There Be Teachers in the Future?

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A news story has spurred conversation about whether our future jobs are secure.  Apparently, “if your job does not require creativity or social intelligence you may be replaced by a computer in the next decade.”

Teachers need to be creative and socially skilled.  Technology can not fully replace the role of a teacher. There will always be a place for teachers in society.  This issue comes back to the ideas I covered in my post, “Is the Mouse Redundant?“.  Unlike the mouse, I believe the ever evolving technology can not make teachers redundant.

I think the main issue which is discussed in the article, is that technology will create new jobs.  As teachers, we need to prepare students for the unforeseen future and the jobs which will come with it.

If you’re interested in reading more on this, Sue‘s post and Brittany‘s post both cover this issue.

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