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Are Children More Worldly Today?

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I recently watched a documentary on ABC iview called, ‘Dinner at 11’.  The documentary focuses on a group of 11 year olds who come together for a dinner party.  The children discuss topics such as marriage, divorce, politics, disabilities and careers.

These children seemed so astute and opinionated.  Their confidence in their opinions astounded me.  I wondered where these 11 year olds got all of their beliefs and ideals from?  They could be influenced by people around them, such as parents, peers and teachers.  However, looking back ten years to when I was their age (it seems so much longer than that), I do not remember considering most of these issues seriously.  I don’t remember my peers discussing these issues in depth like the children from the documentary.  Could it be that the advancement in technology has influenced these children’s opinions?  Technology is much more readily available to children now.  It seems that children are growing up at faster pace.  Maybe children are more worldly today.

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