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Keeping Up With Change

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Hey Chalkies!  I’m back from prac and have had just over a week to reflect on my teaching.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time on prac and I’m excited to share some of what I learnt here on Chalkie’s Talk.  However, today I’m going to write about keeping up with changes in technology.

In my posts, ‘Students Can Be Your Teacher ‘and ‘How ICT Has Changed Since the 90s‘, I have written about the accelerated pace in which technology is evolving.  It is imperative that we give our students the opportunity to keep up with this change.  Greg Whitby, who “is widely recognised as an innovative educator (and) is passionate about rethinking the nature of schooling in a digital age”, agrees.  Whitby explains this in his post ‘The Facts About Educational Change‘.

“We can’t hark back to the past if we want to change the future. We are challenged to think differently by virtue of the fact we live in age that now values critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.”


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