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Know Your Students

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I was reading Gemma‘s post about the diversity of her prac class and the importance of knowing students’ differences.  Gemma linked to the video below in her post.

One statement from the video which stood out for me was:

“Sometimes you can’t get the scores or the academics or you can’t even get through a lesson, if you don’t…have relationships developed.”

Gemma believes that “the best way in the first couple days (of prac), to get students on your side, is to remember all of their names.”  I agree with Gemma.  It can be difficult to build relationships with the students in the short time you are on prac.  However, by beginning with learning students names, the children feel like they are important to you.  From there, the students are more likely to share interests, skills, talents and learning styles.  Strong relationships in the classroom can help learning prosper.


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