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Keeping Track of Professional Standards

Amy asked in her post, “How have you kept track of the standards?”.  Amy is referring to the ‘Australian Professional Standards for Teachers‘ which are defined by the ‘Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership‘.


Words taken from the Professional Standards

It’s important as pre-service teachers that we do keep evidence from pracs and other uni assessment for our portfolio.  An app I have recently discovered called ‘My Standards‘ would assist in collecting evidence for portfolios.  The app is available for iOS and android.  However, I have also found another version for Windows: ‘Australian Teacher Professional Standards Evaluator‘.  Do you think you would use the app?


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Engaging Assessment

As teachers, we want to engage students in their learning.  We also want to keep track of their learning.  It can be difficult to find enjoyable ways of assessing students.  Luckily EDpuzzle fills this brief.  EDpuzzle allows teachers to use their own video or existing videos (eg. Youtube) to create interactive lessons.

Teachers can add their own questions throughout videos:edpuzzle questions

Answers and other statistics can then be viewed by educators:edpuzzle stats

This resource also helps to create a self-paced learning environment.  I think this resource would be an amazing tool to use in the classroom.  However, I would probably need to wait until I have my own classroom.  This is because accessing EDpuzzle requires teachers and students to have a Google or Edmodo account.