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How Food is Selected and Prepared for Healthy Eating

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Australian Curriculum

Focus: Technologies / Design and Technologies / Foundation to Year 2 / Design and Technologies Knowledge and Understanding / ACTDEK003

Content Description

Explore how plants and animals are grown for food, clothing and shelter and how food is selected and prepared for healthy eating


exploring the tools, equipment and techniques used to prepare food safely and hygienically for healthy eating.”

Complementary: “Technologies / Design and Technologies / Foundation to Year 2 / Design and Technologies Processes and Production Skills / ACTDEP007

Content Description

Use materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques to safely make designed solutions


learning and safely practising a range of technical skills using tools and equipment, for example joining techniques when making products, watering and mulching gardens, preparing food, using software to design an environment.”

Critical and Creative Thinking Capability

Level 2: Reflecting on thinking and processes

Reflect on processes

  • outline the details and sequence in a whole task and separate it into workable parts

Key Curriculum Ideas

  • Selecting healthy foods
  • How to safely and hygienically prepare food


Why is it important to teach this content?

Learning about nutrition and practising safe food preparation is essential.  Students who are consuming a healthy, balanced diet are more likely to learn at a higher level.  Promoting health and well-being from a young age will assist students to make better diet choices now and in the future.  For more information: Experts Recommend Compulsory Food Education in Schools


Resources for teachers


Websites which are useful for teachers to educate themselves about nutrition, health and well-being.

Australian Dietary Guidelines

National Health and Medical Research Council: Nutrition

Translating the science behind eating well and staying healthy

World Health Organisation

Food safety and hygiene: Rules to consider when preparing food

Unit/lesson plan

Sample lesson plans for ideas on how to teach this content descriptor.

Food safety, hygiene and preparation

Food preparation

Food storage, hygiene and handling food, cooking and recipes (p.1-5)


Resources to use with students


It is recommended that posters are analysed as a class, as most students’ literacy and critical thinking skills will vary.

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating


Food Safety Matters

Created by Home Economics Institute of Australia & Queensland Health


Wash Your Hands

wash your hands


Food Balance

  • Developed by the Australian Government’s ‘Eat for Health’ program.
  • Recommended for ages 4-13 years.
  • Students “choose healthy foods from the Five Food Groups for meals and snacks for the whole day.”
  • Depending on students’ skill levels, play individually or as a whole class.