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ICTs are Engaging for Students

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ICTs are used daily in 6Q’s classroom.  This is a “transformative strategy to transition from traditional ways of working to a digital way of working that is meaningful, engaging and connected” (Department of Education, Training and the Arts, 2008).

Creating an ICT immersive classroom “provides the basis for engaging students in actively constructing and applying rich learning in purposeful and meaningful ways…It features personalised approaches, intellectual rigour and engagement, connectedness to global contexts, supportive and collaborative classroom environments…to improve outcomes for students” (Department of Education, Training and the Arts, 2008).

It is imperative that students are engaged in their learning.  In 6Q, we strive to make education interesting, relatable and fun.  ICTs are an excellent way of doing this.

One iPad app that is used regularly in our lessons, is ‘Explain Everything‘. This app allows students to explain what they learnt by typing text, recording audio, recording video, importing pictures, drawing pictures and capturing photographs. This is an excellent app for students to display their knowledge in a way that supports their personal learning style. It can be used across a wide variety of subjects.  As a bonus, the year sixes really enjoy using it as well! It is imperative that students are engaged in lessons and activities.  If students have interest in and enjoy what they are doing, they are more likely to learn at a deeper level.  If you’re interested in learning more about this app, watch the video below.

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