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ICT Provides a Plethora of Resources

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Thanks to the development of ICT over the last few decades, everyone has access to a large collection of resources.  In our classroom, we take advantage of the resources that technology provides.

6Q regularly utilises the internet during lessons.  The internet provides so many websites, programs, videos, presentations and educational games which cater to different learning styles and interests.  This ultimately helps students to achieve learning goals.

The students have access to a wide variety of information and knowledge through internet resources.  This is in contrast to the limited and outdated information that can be found in resources such as books.

Resources found through the senior school’s class set of iPads are also a wonderful addition to our learning in 6Q.  The many apps which we use weekly support student learning throughout all learning areas.  One app our class is loving this year, is ‘Raz Kids‘.  This app is used during literacy sessions when students are grouped by reading level. ‘Raz Kids’ is set to each student’s reading level. Only books appropriate for each reading level are available to students. The app allows students to read the book by themselves or listen and read along. A comprehension quiz at the end of each book allows me to see what students have learnt.

One teacher explains why she likes to use ‘Raz Kids’ in her classroom below.

This video shows a class using ‘Raz Kids’.


Diversity is a major factor to be considered in the classroom (NDT Resource Centre, 2012).  As 6Q’s teacher, I can not rely on having a prearranged program and curriculum into which each student of the class must conform. Campbell and Green (2006) state that “in any classroom there are children from differing language and cultural backgrounds, children with differing learning styles, children with learning disorders, children with visual and auditory disabilities, children who are gifted and talented in a variety of different ways, and children with a range of behaviour problems” (p.19). These are all educational needs that are found and must be addressed in our classroom. As our classroom teacher, I must endeavour to include all of the students, so that they feel they are “insiders to the classroom discourses” (Campbell & Green, 2006, p.19).  The apps and resources that we utilise in our classroom fulfil this ideal.

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