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Resources to Use With Students

‘In the Beginning’ by Andrew Chinn

 ‘In the Beginning‘ by Andrew Chinn retells the Creation story from Genesis 1.  “The book is a valuable resource for all responsible for the religious education and faith development of children” (Butterfly Music, 2016).

Andrew Chinn also composed a song ‘In the Beginning’.  The book is accompanied by a CD which includes a sing-along version, read-along version and an instrumental version of ‘In the Beginning’.  The song is performed on Andrew Chinn’s ‘Hearts and Hands’ DVD.  Students can watch and follow the actions to the song.  See a clip of the performance here.

Teachers can use one or all of these resources by Andrew Chinn to teach students about the first Creation story in the Book of Genesis.

Days of Creation Wheel

This activity helps students to remember what happened during the seven days of Creation in Genesis 1.  Each wedge of the wheel has a picture which corresponds with a day of creation.

Children can write the number of each day on their wheel and colour them in.  A metal brad/craft split pin is then pushed through the middle of the two wheels to allow the wheel to spin.

To assess student understanding, the teacher can ask students to spin their wheel to different days of creation.  Students show the teacher their wheels and explain what happened on that day.  Students can also do this in pairs/groups.

Download the wheel template here.

The Creation Story PowerPoint Presentation

This resource is a multi-modal representation of the Genesis 1-2:4 creation story.  Each slide contains text from the scripture passage and a corresponding image.  The images on each slide engage students.  Visual representation of the story also helps young children to gain a deeper understanding of the scripture passage.

Resources for Teachers

Learning Byte: And God Said…

This website has been created for Prep teachers in the Brisbane Archdiocese.  The resource provides background information on Genesis, the creation stories and Catholic ideas about God.  In this section, it links scripture with how the Church views God and His creation.

The website also explores ways to teach students to know God through scripture in the ‘Learning Experiences‘ section. The most relevant section would be ‘Stories About Creation’.  Under each learning experience, a plethora of activities and resources are provided for teachers.

Learning Byte: God’s Word in Action

This website has been created for Year 1 teachers in the Brisbane Archdiocese.

The resource provides background information for teachers on scripture texts, including the creation stories.  This is important, as …

The website also explores ways to teach about God’s actions in scripture and His presence today in the ‘Learning Experiences‘ section.  The most relevant section would be ‘God’s Action in the Beginning’.  Under each learning experience, a plethora of activities and resources are provided for teachers.

More Learning Bytes can be found here.

Great Gifts

‘Great Gifts’ is a teaching resource containing units, lesson ideas, songs, prayers, stories, reflections and fun activities to encourage the growth of Christian faith in children aged 5-8 years.  These activities are designed to “engage the children’s imagination and promote further learning” (1998, p. 3).

The most relevant unit in this resource would be the ‘Gift of Creation’.  This unit aims to assist students in recognising “that all creation is a gift from God” (1998, p. 1).  The unit emphasises that God’s creation is an ongoing process.  Creation “is as much a part of the world today” and relevant to us as it was at the beginning (1998, p. 1).